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KIN / XLM with imgvue

imgvue is a new way to give a nod of appreciation to artists, creators and the people who make your favorite apps.


Earn KIN / XLM

With KIN / XLM, you can earn rewards for the creative content you share, which is more meaningful than a like.


Digital Money

Use KIN / XLM in an entire ecosystem of apps, and send it to anyone in the world, instantly and for free.

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imgvue is a content-sharing app where YOU get rewarded instead of big social media platforms

KIN is a trademark of Kin Foundation. Stellar / XLM is a trademark of Stellar Development Foundation
This is not an official App of the KIN Foundation or Stellar Development Foundation.
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Crypto contributions are treated as donations, offer no rewards or financial returns and are not liable to UK VAT. You might receive something of symbolic value in the future. For example, an acknowledgement such as a mention in our app or similar. For KIN or XLM donations, please use the following address: